Windows 8.1 on HP8460p, aka “Highway to the Hell”

Aka when something is newer, it doesn’t mean it’s automatically better.

I hope sharing my story will save a big amount of hair and nerve and of course sanity for others.

My story dates back when I was brought the Windows 8 upgrade key. Some can remember the mess around that too. So at the beginning of time, after I brought the upgrade key, not so far later I upgraded my notebook too, installing an SSD instead of HDD, and I was able to perform a clean install, use the activate via phone options. I was happy back then. With the SSD I received a free copy of Windows 8 Pro as a gift. Not had an idea about it’s usefulness… for a while, it just collected the dust in my shelf.

“Few” weeks ago, Microsoft pushed it’s new Windows 8.1 out. It’s a free upgrade for the Windows 8 owner’s trough the store. At that point it’s clearly visible that is a bit insane way of upgrade, certainly in enterprise level. Firstly my tablet received it, almost without any problem, except the display driver is messed up, and it’s always crashing… I tried to install it to my notebook (HP 8460p) via the store. It downloaded, then kindly asked to remove HP Protect Tools and of its components. After I did what was asked for, the installation went fine. Later I found new versions of HP Protect Tools and a few new drivers for a few components. The Protect Tools is working fine, but after a little while the HP un2430 driver is messed up my WWAN connection, and finally it simply refused to connect. My WLAN connection did the same thing. Not mention the display drivers again. When my notebook was unplugged, de display started to flicking. Well known display driver problem.

I decided to do a clean install. I checked on the net, it stated its possible. Before that, I did some install to collect the proper divers and test their behavior on Windows 8.1. After I did all that, I did a big mistake, didn’t backed up my activation. Simply format my drive and reinstalled. Then I tried to activate it. Of course, it’s not worked. I tried via phone, but it not worked either. Okay, that’s bad…

Let’s try again: clean install of Windows 8, register it, upgrade it, backup the activation, do the clean install… It doesn’t worked either. Simply wasn’t able to activate the Windows 8, with the key what I did before. Probably, because it’s an upgrade key, and Microsoft won’t sell anymore upgrade according to the news.

So, I dusted of another Windows 8 version, installed, activated, upgraded to Windows 8.1 activated it. Took a big risk, did a clean install, and reactivated. I installed without a key, then after the installation I gave the key.  It worked, and now living kind of happily, and reinstalling, everything, a bunch of new driver a few old, since the new ones simply refuse to work.

Consequences: be careful if you trying to do a clean install with a Windows 8 upgrade key. Personally, I not recommend it. If your key is not an upgrade key, it should work.

HP’s softpack’s that’s working with Windows 8.1:

sp57879                HP Hotkey support.
sp52211                Good old LSI HDA Modem
sp63779                Synaptics TouchPad Driver
sp63565                Alcor Micro Smart Card Reader Driver
sp63637                JMicron Media Card Reader Driver
sp63221                Sierra Wireless driver for HP un2430
sp63661                Intel Management Engine
sp63453                Broadcom Bluetooth Driver for Microsoft Windows
sp63881                Intel 82579LM and 82579V Gigabit Ethernet Driver for Microsoft Windows
sp63219                HP Wireless Hotspot Software (still sometimes spin up unnecessarily the CPU)
sp63798                Validity Fingerprint Sensor Driver
sp63727               HP ProtectTools Security Manager (yes, its’s work with 8.1 😉 )
sp63709                Computrace for HP ProtectTools
sp63844                Device Access Manager for HP ProtectTools

I downloaded the Display, the RAID, and the Chipset driver from Intel Download center.

*Little upgrade, since some upgrade arrived to Calendar, it started behaving bit funky, means its messing up the colors and selections. Seems, MS made something wrong… additional to the always problematic display drivers. I have problem with it on my tablet to, its also running Win 8.1, but the display driver is regularly crashing.