Solving Omnia 7 compass problem after installing Windows Phone 7.8

Around a month ago, when I installed the Windows Phone 7.8 update (7.10.8862.144) to my Samsung Omnia 7. After the update everything’s appeared as normal, except recently I noticed that the compass is not working.
By curiosity, I launched the diagnosis app, and then launched a compass test. The result displayed the correct data, also reacted well for turning direction. After that, my compass works fine.
As the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy says: Don’t panic!
Launch Diagnostics app, if you not find it, type ##634# in the dial pad.
Enter *#0*# code, and select the Compass. If its works fine, you can put away your towel.


Windows Phone TextBlock content related task launch.

Recently one of my friends asked some help to solve an easy problem. His app has a few TextBlock, each text block contains a phone number or an e-mail address. He wanted to launch phone call or e-mail based on TextBlock’s text.
The solution is easy, attach DoubleTap event to the TextBlock:

    <TextBlock DoubleTap="TextBlock_DoubleTap_1" ></TextBlock>
    <TextBlock DoubleTap="TextBlock_DoubleTap_1">+123456789</TextBlock>

Then add a few line of code inside the created event handler:

if (sender is TextBlock)
    string content = ((TextBlock)sender).Text;
    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(content))
        if (content.Contains("@"))
            EmailComposeTask ect = new EmailComposeTask();
            ect.To = content;
            ect.Subject = "Greetings!";
            ect.Body = "Message from my application";
            PhoneCallTask pct = new PhoneCallTask();
            pct.PhoneNumber = content;
            // pct.DisplayName = "Call from application";

    e.Handled = true;
    e.Handled = false;

Well, the validation is bit dummy, but will serve the educational purpose.

Breaking News – Windows Phone Dev Center registration now only 8$!

Microsoft Announced, for limited time, the Windows Phone Dev Center registration fee is only 8$ for the newcomer individuals, this offer alive until 11. 7. 2012 11:59PM PST.
How this works? Simply, if your country is eligible for registration and app submission, you need to join via the Windows Phone Dev Center, login with your Live ID, or create one if you haven’t. Fill the registration form and pay the yearly subscription fee, all the 99$. Yes, your eyes is fine, it’s still 99$ for a yearly subscription, but 91$ or 92% of your local currency will be credited within 30-60 days. Payment can be paid via PayPal or credit card. Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards are your choice your region can’t pay via PayPal. I noticed a great thing, but that’s not a guarantee, that will work for you too, but eventually Microsoft accepted my Visa Electron card. And it’s new, since my previous registration attempt wasn’t successful, and for a weird reason, Microsoft isn’t accepted my MasterCard in the Dev Center registration, even if it was already validated.
Please read the official notes, and check that you are eligible.

After subscription, you can submit your apps to the Windows Phone Store. Grab the new Windows Phone 8 SDK and start develop. Windows Phone 8 SDK works only in Windows 8 x64 environment.