HP un2430 and Windows 10 CTP: don’t hurry to install

CTP releases as is, don’t expect that everything will work perfectly. That would be a perfect Windows world. The preview system check is recommended to remove HP Protect Tools, and doesn’t complained any other things.

After the Windows 10 CTP (Build 9926) installation the HP un2430 card simply refused to work. Its recognized by the system, just can’t connect with it, because simply it can’t turn it on. Got disabled in the Airplane Mode.

Installing the device driver made things worst. After installation and reboot there were no more Mobile Broadband and GPS disappeared to. Uninstalling and restarting the system at least enabled the GPS, which is working perfectly fine.

Uninstalling and installing the device doesn’t help either. 

un2430 10 ctp

Be careful with the installation!


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