osCommerce with WebMatrix – the easiest way

Microsoft giving great tools for free namely WebMatrix, which can help develop, test, and publish various kind of sites. It comes with dozens of templates, but still there are missing a few. Accepting some inconveniences, like missing IntelliSense, this gap can be bridged easily, like running osCommerce locally.

Select Templates

Select Templates

Launch WebMatrix
Click to the Templates

Select PHP and an Empty Site template, if some software is required WebMatrix will download and install it for you.
Go to the Databases tab and right click your website name, select New MySQL Database, and create one.

Create new MySQL database

Create new MySQL database

Create new MySQL database

Create new MySQL database

Launch your favorite file manager, and copy all the files which are necessary to the osCommerce installation, to the newly created sites virtual directory. In default settings that should be your C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\My Web Sites\[your site name]\
Open the created web.config file and grab the user name and password to the MySQL database.

        <add connectionString="server=localhost;uid=commerceUleeq;pwd=Q+8X_Nl]l!B#;Database=commerce" name="commerce" providerName="MySql.Data.MySqlClient" />

Getting from that user name is “commerceUleeq”, password is “Q+8X_Nl]l!B#”.
Launch your site from WebMatrix.
You can finish your osCommerce installation, do whathever you want…


3 thoughts on “osCommerce with WebMatrix – the easiest way

  1. vitorrubio says:

    helped a lot, thanks

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