Warning: Problems with paying Windows 8 upgrade via PayPal

Few days ago I brought the Windows 8 Pro upgrade via Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, and paid via PayPal. The check out was fine, at the first sight, fee got charged, got my license key, and of course upgrade and activation went fine. Few days ago I got a notification SMS that, the upgrade fee was charged to my card –again-. Few hours later, as I checked my balance I saw multiple charges to my card, the same 29.99€, the price of the upgrade. As looking trough the web I noticed, that I’m not alone with the problem, at least not in the EMEA area. So, be cautious, and give some thoughts about paying the upgrade. I suggest everyone to wait with this upgrade, until this will be solved. The reduced upgrade price is still available until the end of January 2013.

Also, I read some people having problems to download the upgrade media. I haven’t experienced this kind of problem, but of course, there can be some demand of the servers.

Another important warning: if you intend to use Windows 8 Pro x64, DO NOT START the upgrade on x86 system, because you will ended to get the x86 version of it! There is a way to get the x64 version: backup your all of your data, and install the Windows 8 Release Preview x64 version. After the installation start the upgrade process from preview edition, since it’s in the upgrade program.